GoutPal.com tells you all the facts about gout. 

I cover everything from symptoms to diet. Though I try to provide a framework to take a logical approach to gout management, every gout sufferer is unique. You have different symptoms, different treatment preferences, different tastes, and different experiences and opinions from all other gout sufferers.

You are unique, and you need personal care. That's why your doctor sees you alone in his consulting room, rather than in a group gout counselling session.

I hope all my members feel happy to consult me whenever they wish. You can do that by starting a new discussion in the gout forum, or by raising a new gout support ticket here. Please note that I respond much quicker if you post your own messages in the gout forum. I answer helpdesk tickets as soon as I can, but my forum always takes priority. If you want to know all the benefits available without registering as a member, please see the Welcome Guest Gout Knowledge Base article.

You will get much better personal help if you become an active GoutPal Member. Gout treatment principles are usually quite simple. Applying the right principles, at the right time, with the right choices to suit your unique situation is not simple. If you commit some time to the gout forum, I will commit time to make sure that you control your gout in the best way for you.

This is a friendly time commitment, not a harsh commercial transaction. If you don't want to commit the time to regular forum visits, you can still get all the help you need with occasional gout helpdesk tickets. It's your choice. You commit the time to ask questions and share experiences and opinions. I commit the time to answer as best I can, and share your joy when you finally beat gout.

If you do decide to log in as a GoutPal member, you can leave whenever you like. I may contact you to see if you are OK, but you can come and go as you please. My advice is to post as often as you can to gain automatic gout control, but it is always your choice.

The benefits of being a GoutPal member are:

  • You get fast responses to your questions, experiences, and opinions, in the gout forum.
  • You can maintain your own Personal Gout Profile, which helps you understand your gout, plan the right treatment for you, and monitor your progress towards beating gout.
  • You can get detailed, structured, Personal Gout Management plans to help you with any aspect of gout.

Thanks for reading