I introduced this Helpdesk for people who have technical difficulties using any GoutPal service. Many people use it to ask questions about gout, uric acid, tophi, purines, and all aspects of gouty arthritis.

I'm more than happy to respond to all questions, experiences, and opinions about gout. However, I can only do that in public. Therefore, if you want the fastest response, you should post your thoughts in the gout forum. You need to Log In first, but that is very simple. Ignore username and password. Just click the button for whichever network you want to connect with. You can read help on logging in to GoutPal.

If you have difficulties using the gout forum, please feel free to use this Helpdesk to ask your gout questions. You need to give me enough information about yourself and your symptoms so I can give you an answer. You should include details of anything you've already tried to resolve your problem. I give priority to Helpdesk tickets that include enough information. I give highest priority to tickets if you explain why you have raised a Helpdesk ticket instead of posting your topic in the gout forum. For details, please see

How GoutPal Helpdesk Tickets Are Processed