When you submit a ticket, it generates an automatic email response. This is so that we can verify your email address. If we cannot verify your email address, we cannot respond to you directly. However, in most cases, we will respond in the gout forum. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to my gout forum update service. Please note that my update service is run by Google FeedBurner. You can stop receiving updates at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link near the end of each email.

Here is the automatic email response that you get:

Hi {{contact.name}},
I'm sorry my first response to your message is this automated email. I will respond personally, as soon as I can. This is just to check your email address is correct. So that I can respond to your message, please click: {{activation_url}}
If the above URL does not work try copying and pasting it into your browser. If you continue to have problems, please simply reply to this email.
I've added some explanations below, in case you want to know what happens next. There is no need to read it! If you're busy, just click {{activation_url}} and wait for me to contact you. If you do not want to wait, post your message in my gout forum. I always check the forum before this helpdesk.

Helpdesk Explanations
A new GoutPal Helpdesk account has been created for you. Please note that the Helpdesk is separate from other gout support services, such as the forum. I use a trusted third party (Freshdesk managed by Shrewdies) to run this service for me. This support helpdesk is available 24/7, even when the Gout Forum is down for maintenance.
We start processing this ticket when you have activated your helpdesk account using the link above. When I say 'we,' I mean my support assistant. A Helpdesk Assistant will process your message depending if it is a support problem, a general comment, a gout question, or something else. We will let you know what is happening as we deal with your ticket.
I'd like to help you this instant, but sometimes I have hundreds of requests to deal with. You can add notes to your ticket whenever you like. That will definitely make me respond quicker. My gout help has to be personal to you. When you tell me more information about your gout, I can help you sooner.
Finally, I run this service for you. If you think I can improve this helpdesk, or any of my gout support services, please suggest your improvements to GoutPal gout support services.
Kind Regards, Keith Taylor (GoutPal Owner)

As you can see, you will get fastest responses by posting into the gout forum. If you cannot use the forum, you can still get fast responses by including all relevant personal information. Important facts include:

  • Relevant test results
  • Exact names and doses of all current medication
  • Your country, gender, and approximate age (something like 'born in 1950s' will do).
  • What advice your doctor has given. If you have not consulted a doctor, please explain why.

If your question is related to food or diet, please tell me:

  • Height, weight, and normal level of activity (e.g. daily, weekly, or no exercise)
  • Your favorite foods
  • Foods that you think you cannot eat, including reasons

For all problems, please explain anything you have already tried. If you have not tried anything else, please confirm that.

For all messages, if you refer to something you have read, please share the link to it, or provide the official title.