If you have any questions about uric acid, you should always include your latest uric acid blood test result. If possible, include as many test results as you can.

You should include the date of your blood tests. If you can't remember the exact date, just give your best guess. If you have not had a recent blood test for uric acid, please explain why.

When you give your results, please double-check, and be as accurate as possible. All uric acid tests come with a scale of measurement. This varies from country to country. But, it is always one of three choices:

  • mg/dL - safest level is below 5mg/dL.
  • mmol/L - safest level is below 0.30mmol/L.
  • µmol/L - safest level is below 300µmol/L.

For more facts, please see Uric Acid Levels Chart.

This Gout Helpdesk allows you to attach pictures to your ticket. It's a good idea to attach photographs of your uric acid test results. That will save you having to type the details. And, it helps me give you better answers, as I have the full picture. If you are not sending a photograph, please ask your questions about uric acid in the gout forum. You will get a much faster response in the forum, compared to this gout helpdesk.